Monica Regina Payton aka Monica Guillemin
Phone: 951-505-2503

Monica Payton aka Monica Guillemin 
     Monica has practiced medicine as a physician assistant for 26 years. She made her debut with the novel Black Deception—a tale of sex, lies and scandal whose premise is based on the question “what if...?” What if people knew about a “code of silence” in the medical community? What if an ugly truth were uncovered? What would happen if research scientists misused human DNA?  

     Monica expanded her career as a health care provider and literary entrepreneur to include a coast to coast book signing tour as a dynamic motivational speaker and lecturer. She has delivered riveting guest appearances on numerous local radio stations in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Texas, and several guest appearances on popular Los Angeles radio station including KJLH to name a few. Over the years audiences have been enlightened on hot topics such as cloning, stem cell research, human bio-banking, identity theft, health care fraud, patient privacy and professional conduct issues.  

     Monica Payton AKA Monica Guillemin is a dynamic speaker who celebrated National DNA Day by organizing and facilitating an open community forum panel discussion on DNA and social justice. Local community members, genetic counselors and research specialists gathered in Los Angeles and learned about the Human Genome Project, DNA testing in African Americans and prostate cancer. During the panel discussion issues surrounding the latest research were provided.

     After earning a Juris Doctor Degree, Monica started a medical-legal consulting network to assist attorneys specializing in medical malpractice. In addition to law, medicine ethics, and health care fraud, Monica has gained experience in intellectual property rights. Monica is available upon request to provide informative presentations to groups on protecting intellectual property.

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